24 Wk GOLD Plan

ONLY $1989



  •  Never have to wonder about how to program your workouts again.
  •  Never have to wonder about WHAT to eat. And HOW to prepare it.
  •  Will finally LOSE WEIGHT!
  •  Will finally FEEL GREAT again.
  •  Will finally feel good in your own skin.
  •  Will finally enjoy putting your clothes on.
  •  You will BE STRONG! 
  •  Very possible you will get off your medications too.

What are you waiting for?

You will receive:

  1. Custom, progressive weekly workouts that change as you get stronger and fitter
  2. Email/text regularly
  3. 12 Weeks of Meal Plans
  4. Grocery Lists to go with Meal Plans
  5. Recipes to go with meal plans
  6. Dining out swap
  7. Exercise Manual
  8. 2018 Goal Sheet
  9. Authorized Foods list
  10. 28 Day Recipe eBook


*****Everything you need to be successful with losing weight*****



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If you are truly looking to lose weight and get healthy and fit then it is important to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to ensure that it happens quickly and in a healthy manner.

With our customized Vitamins you will be receiving all the nutrients your body needs as you go along living your individual life. 

With our exceptional shakes including out Vegan Shakes, you will be utilizing one of the biggest kept secrets in the fitness industry. Substituting quality, low calorie shakes for a meal or two a day and VIOLA ... you WILL LOSE WEIGHT and feel great too :)

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